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For only $10 per year (cheaper than the cost of one record), subscribers to the new "Eve of Release Subscription Service" will be privy to owning all new and old music and video content, including all digital and physical releases. They will also receive a 25% discount on all merch and live performance tickets, and 100% free access to private shows reserved exclusively for subscribers. No other artist will give you more for a cost this low. A very special thanks to fans who join and support the creation of more great music!

Eve of Release is music composed and produced by Chris McDermott. For more info and content, visit

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  • All the new music I make streaming instantly on your mobile device via the free Bandcamp app, and also available as a high-quality download.*
  • Exclusive access to the Eve of Release fan community.
  • These back-catalog releases:
  • A 25% discount on all my merchandise.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting me in a sustainable way.
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* Downloads are DRM-free and available in MP3, FLAC and more.
Eve of Release
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
EVE OF RELEASE is music composed and produced by Chris McDermott at FLASH SOUND STUDIOS, located just outside of Philadelphia, PA. For more info and free downloadable content, visit

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